Roadbook & Navigation

Roadbook & navigation

We are specialized in making roadbooks and want to represent and support roadbook riding towards our customers. Our roadbooks get printed at WMA so we can always edit them. All our roadbooks get printed on roll.

Our logo represents the fact that our Academy can bring you anywhere as long as you follow the arrows. We make sure that our roadbooks are good and safe towards our customers. With a small briefing all riders always know what the extra attention points are and what points/places they can drink/eat. 

Our navigation products exist out of RNS and Migtec. Each bike is equipped with a roadbooksystem giving you all the directions.

The last 8 years we have done service assistance for rallies. (Dakar, MDC, …) If you’re a rally rider and need to be prepared, we can help you out! You can count on our fully specialized mechanics team and expertise. Feel free to contact us.

you're never alone!

Your safety is our first concern! We try to follow our clients closely as they drive and therefore, we use ANUBE SPICAII trackers. Each client gets one before starting their trail adventure.

These SPICA trackers are uniquely assigned, so Wim Motors Academy can see if something is wrong during the trail. This is primarily a security for us, to know where our riders are. If further assistance is needed, we can respond immediately. 

So, if you have any trouble/problems on the way, we are always there to help you!